"I had the time of my life,& I owe it all to you!"
"It’s not just a daydream if you decide to make it your life."

"It’s not just a daydream if you decide to make it your life."

Of course, I’d want to “be in” with the best band EVER!!!

I wanted to write a note on Pat Monahan…..Oops, I mean PatBlogahan’s blog….struggled with the right words but sealed my fate when I couldn’t seem to find how to leave a note even though I am certain I have done it on tumblr before….Oh, well, maybe it’s the new eyeglasses making me see things differently; sure hope not after what they cost!  They’re supposed to help me, not hurt me!

In any case, those words can be my segue into how much Train, Train music, Train concerts, the huge privilege of getting to meet the wonderful, crazy sweet, genuine, kind-hearted members of this band I LOVE so very much, and the further blessing of meeting and forming bonds of friendship and love with so many other special, caring, unique people who are also fans and having the priviege of sharing this special TrainDusted Love together has blessed me and brought joy to my Life!

Yes, Pat, if you want to know if I’d be “in” to get a phonecall from you, I would love to hear from you…..only hope I’d actually answer the phone or that you’d leave a message with a good time to call ya back!  I can never “thank Train” enough for all of the above-mentioned that it has given me and so much more that I cannot blog about…..Suffice it to say that Train and all the good you have brought into my life have kept me afloat when the “Surf” has been really rough!